About GreenLeaf Sprinklers, Inc.

We have been serving the Northwest suburbs of Chicago since 1970, installing and servicing underground lawn sprinkler systems.

Our crews are trained in the latest irrigation techniques and have many years of hands on experience. Your installation will be done in a timely manner with little or no disruption to existing foliage.

Our many years of installation experience and servicing customers who had inferior products installed have taught us what products and installation techniques work best in this climate.

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Sprinkler Heads

GreenLeaf Sprinklers uses Hunter® and RainBird® sprinkler heads. These companies have been the leading manufacturers of sprinkler supplies since the beginning!

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All clamps GreenLeaf Sprinklers uses are stainless steel, eliminating the worry of corrosion. All saddle tee’s which hold the sprinkler heads to the poly pipe are brass and non-corrosive.

Automatic Valves

24V Low Voltage Hunter Valves.


All of our plumbing is installed with only the finest material used for plumbing copper. It is installed by our licensed plumbers that meet all state and local plumbing requirements and are bonded and insured.

Poly Pipe vs. PVC

GreenLeaf Sprinklers chooses to use polyethylene pipe for many reasons. Polyethylene, also referred to as “Poly”, pipe has become the leading pipe in the irrigation industry in the last twenty years. PVC becomes extremely brittle in the winter, even if the system is completely drained. This can cause pipes to shatter very easily, which means there will be major repair problems in the spring-time when the system must be turned on once again.

Poly pipe is a flexible pipe which in the winter will expand and contract with the temperature. It’s easy installation is due to it’s partner with the Turf-Co Pipe Piper Pulling Machine. This machine allows the installer to lay the pipe in place leaving virtually no trace of installation. No messy trenching is needed!